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re: Roar


Bernie Sanders introduced a constitutional amendment to get the money out of our political system.  Know anyone that opposes that idea? yeah me neither.  Well, I've met some folks who would oppose it, but out of fear not out of love of something better.

Any polititian that voted against it has signed their exit papers come next election.  My ability to vote was subverted because I fell for a trick called "vote by mail" where they get your details and then do everything possible to keep you from being registered.  I still haven't gone to the DMV where they automatically register you, so I guess I'm just as much part of the problem as I am part of the solution.  But good ideas float to the top, everyone should be automatically registered and Obama if he has black balls still in his trousers should go ahead and give prisoners the right to vote too.  Not take it away, being locked up should be an automatic registration to vote event so when you're sitting in your cell alongside a significant portion of the US population in some for-profit prison you can have a chance to say, "Yeah... is this what I really want?"  That's democracy.

So I'm a hypocrite, because I fell for it last time, still brain-washed to hate going to the DMV, even though I haven't seen the DMV even in this state, but I'll be registered this next time around.  Fool me once shame on... shame on you? Fool me twice... ya fool me ya ain't gonna fool me again.


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