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re: Things in games in common


Maybe I’m just addicted to online grinding, but maybe there’s something all these games have in common...

I wrote that above sentence about my addiction to virtual worlds having something in common.  I think I can rightly identify what it is by now.  It's escape.  Reality is shite.  Reality bites.  Reality has sucked for my demographic for our entire lives.  And TV's fantasy, having a stair-case to additional rooms in the background at all times and worrying about the gluten content of foods over the price tag... that reality just isn't quite close enough to be a plausible distraction.  It also isn't far enough away to be an eye-grabbing all consuming distraction.  Fanboyism and fangirlism (same thing really, fanatasism I guess), it's a replacement for our evolved in-group loyalty instinct.  

We all like rooting for "safe" in-groups we can form our identity around.  Football teams for example.  In the USA, we don't have soccer rules where a team can be taken out of the competition next year for poor stats, mostly because we find it too important to fans to want to let that brand continue to exist.  They've built identity with it.  The cartoons I was raised with were toys first, then cartoons, and I knew them through cartoon first to then know toy.  Kids today, they don't even know about the original Ninja Turtles cartoon.  Young whipper-shnappers are as oblivious to my media as I am to their media.

Regardless, the name and identity of the brand remain and loyalty to that brand flourishes in environments where other in-group loyalties can not subsist.  For example, bet-ya there's statistics that show an inverse correlation between Star Wars love and Patriotism.  I won't check, for I feel that will somehow harm wherever I look up statistics (plus I lost my access to PsychInfo through the school), but that's my hypothesis anyway.  The need to want to join the Timbers Army type of fandom is strong.  They throw riots sometimes in other countries based on world cup games, at least, that's what we're told, and I believe that.  In countries where the people's will is taken into consideration for legislation and enforcement, I'd expect more patriotism and less fanatasism.

Why is the USA so crazy for star wars?  Because our country sucks basically.  Star Wars shows up in the 70s and BOOM, everything changes.  Those hippies didn't grow up, they just had kids and found a movie they could watch with them.  Or maybe not, I'm just imagining things in my lack of sleep.  I judge not.  But still, that is my expectation.  I live in consensual reality most of the time, but retreat into my head for personal reality.  Consensual reality is that place everyone around me lives in.  In my mind, they are the crazy ones for not seeing patterns that they should have seen by now.

In any event, that's all I'm saying.  Lack of ability to speak to people like I half half a brain is making my swiss-cheese brain stink like monteray jack.  So to all humans, and even otherkins trapped in human bodies for some reason, may you be happy, peaceful, and free from any worries.  Rock on.


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