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re: don't look at me, dont' click my name


So I post some things I know would go viral if I were not censored and then the one response I see is that I voted in a poll I know I didn't vote in that says "Come look at me"?  

So I am used to create a list of some kind, who knows,  a re-education list based on how much you play games? useless.  Stupid.  

I once had a job where my role was to call customers of one car company and convince them to come in for a qualitative automotive research study where basically the company just wanted their likes and dislikes so as to sell them a better more targeted car next year.  It's a slow process, but you see it in the advertisments when cars start advertising how many miles per gallon they get over "car brand bla bla".  Dont' follow me.  I'm a trap.  They don't even let me always say the word TRAP, but it's a power dropped in my lap.

Don't copy me.  Don't smoke, at least not cigarettes.  Our doctors should get a kick-back for educating people about smoking because they'd never listen to a rube like me telling them not to smoke, people who follow me are too rebellious at heart and want a slice of that rebellion to latch on to.

I met a woman with Korsakoff syndrom last time I was in a mental institution.  Was she sent as a sign to tell me, "Hey, your memory loss could be...." or was she sent as a sign not to trust my own brain.  Or not sent as a sign at all.  Who knows? Not me.  But I do know she would grab my sleeve once she trusted me.  People like to grab on to things and people they trust when everything else melts away in reality.

And what I do know is that I attempted to make some virals, did not get the normal response I would expect, so I expect I've been used as a list maker for something bad.  Do not follow me, words stand or fall based on their own merit and if you follow my actions rather than words, you are not letting my words float.  My words will live longer than me and good ideas always float to the top.  I could say 1+1=2 and the next day contradict it and I would expect the correct answer to rise to the top.  Good poop floats, bad poop sinks.

We are the all-singing all-dancing crap of the world.



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