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re: Bane going into Carbonite



 EDIT: This image and the others uploaded after the "Carbonite" decoration commemorate the post-raid-guild era.  The filler saga.  Return of the Dolka.  And Bane Strikes Back. 





 A significant amount of the Bane membership right now is either 1. Unsubscribed and inactive or else favoring characters who are in more active raiding (or pvp or starfighter or rp) guilds to get their play needs met.

I could do a big recruiting push, make videos, talk in fleet, network with people I've played with and try to get them under the Bane guild tag.... but I chose not to take that path. 

Bane has been the home to some awesome memories for me.  From 2008, 2009, 2010 (to a lesser extent 2011), 2012, and all of 2013, I have stories of friendship and high adventure for every era.  From playing in Bane, I know I carry Bane with me even when I'm not under the guild tag or even in the same game.

Over the years the names have changed, the stories have changed, our priorities have changed, but the same good times always returned.  The good times aren't there right now though, are they?  

Nope!  Not in my estimations.  Times were good back in SWG when I didn't take enough screenshots and videos to document it's awesomeness.  But eventually there came a time when very few actually logged in.    It was a dying guild that only saw a resurgence because of the anticipation of playing together in SWTOR. 

 Bane right now is like it was in 2011.  Bane could rise again.  Perhaps dying isn't the right word.  I'm going to describe Bane as being frozen in Carbonite now.  Very few votes I've learned were cast in the election, which sounds like numerous people who COULD have voted didn't because they no longer feel invested in Bane's future.

That's OK!  But it makes me feel better to just say: Bane is frozen in Carbonite as far as I'm concerned.  Similar to dead, except I will never disband the guild.  It has occurred to me that by not aggressively recruiting, I have already made this decision anyway.  This is just my mental way of making it official. (The council can always over-rule me should I be crazy)


 I care about the guild tag, but care about members (and former members) too much to let that guild tag be a burden.  Feel free to leave guild, stay and invite members into Bane, solo, make the guild your own space if you like.  I will never let it's reputation be tainted, and, Bane will never be disbanded, no inactive members will be removed from Bane. 


Thank you for all the good times,

Thank you for bearing the bad times,

And may the Fun be with you, Always.




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re: Bane going into Carbonite


It is always just one more thing isnt it? Between losing my job, drama, and a family death i have not had a lot of time or drive to be on. This is really upsetting but you know i could hqve done better too. Im so saaad. Ffff...i dont want to lose my home...h


Bane will always be home and as a member of the council ... If a lazy one at best ... I will try from here on out to try and make the best of the filler episode of the bane saga.

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re: Bane is my home


Truthfully Bane was never the same since you first stepped down, but that had a lot to do with members suffering from burn out roughly the same time including myself. I tried to log on and play my imperial characters, but sometimes it felt more work then fun.

BW also made a few changes that I know caused a lot of people including myself to unsub for awhile to venture other games: such as FF4 arr, wild star to name a couple. 

SWTOR still has a place in my heart, as it is my first MMO and I still plan to resub in February after my FF arr subscription runs out. 

Whether there will be a BANE or not, I will always come back to get my SW fix. I hope others will eventually do the same. 



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